Tickled Pink




The most exciting thing about being in SWA is the diverse range of  people you meet and the enormous contribution they make to your pursuit of being a life long learner.  At the moment, we are being pushed and pulled in so many directions,some beyond the bounds of our comfort zone especially with the IT development that’s going on.  Our school’s push is also big on Leadership and we had an amazing session last Wednesday after school with Karen O’Connell on leadership and what type of leadership exists within a school.  It was a really well run workshop and the time spent discussing and reading was engaging,fun and meaningful.   I’m developing my understanding about leadership pedagogy, hopefully I’ll be able to link in a summary of our readings on one of my pages.

I have been a semi-vegetarian for approximately 20 years,but still find myself going back to prawns every now and then.  It’s the one thing I really hate about myself and the last thread holding me back from true discipline, besides chocolate that is.  Anyway back to my learning, this weekend my eyes were opened and my stomach filled with the splendors of the life of a Vegan with an amazing cook up organised by Brighde.  Let me first kowtow to Ms Brighde for her commitment and devotion to the cause.  She is awe-inspiring and has taken her vegan life style to the next level.  A group of us were fortunate enough this weekend to take part in a Vegan cook up.  We made the most sumptuous food – as a starter carrot and ginger soup, for our main – tangy Thai coleslaw and curried tofu and for desert – banana ice-cream with a hint of vanilla.

Bridghe was so pleased that we’d willingly opened our minds to the task ahead of entering into the world of a vegan.  I’ve never really thought about becoming vegan it all seems too hard especially when traveling.  I find it hard enough now traveling as a semi-vegetarian,  but I know the health benefits and probable weight loss one would experience from such a journey.  Let’s face it, something drastic needs to take place in the future to make any sort of shift in our use of natural resources and vegetaranism and organic living seem like one of the only solutions we really have if we want to sustain life on our beautiful planet.

I’m not much of a cook,but I certainly learnt about the subtleties of flavour and love that can go into cooking this weekend, and admittedly I played around with the idea mentally, “yeah maybe I could grow into cooking”, as long as I’d have someone clean up after me (I think I’ve been living here for far too long to really enjoy washing up by myself).

The ginger and carrot soup was made with so much care and love.  This was the essence that went into everything we created on this day and really food is love and the love that came from it was in the learning and experience we had working together.

Bon Apetit

My Frustration

I was so excited to start this first blog post, to be among the blogging community that has begun at school.  We sat down in Jabiz’s room and after clear and informative instructions, we were given the task to create our new blog post.
Jabiz talked about ‘being a learner’ and how as a learner we experience a range of different emotions.  I certainly felt this during this session.  My computer was slow to connect to the WordPress site, and it fact, due to saturation levels in the room of over 18 people I was unable to even begin.

I quietly looked over Bruce and Shruti’s shoulders as they happily typed away putting together their posts and getting the whole thing set up.  I sat frustrated waiting….waiting…waiting and still more waiting. The blue dashes sat frozen not moving.

My computer failed to connect and I experienced the whole range of negative emotions that exist. UGHH technology!!

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