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A Five Finger Blog Post

So I’ve decided to test out the dexterity of my fingers.Will I be able to use my miniature hand held computer to succeed at this post?

It only seems logical that this is the way forward.Our computers are becoming hand held miniature devices  in the form of our smartphones and we can’t seem to go anywhere (yep not even into the most remote of jungles)without them.

I found myself off the beaten track back in 1999 when I backpacked around India and Nepal for eight whole months.  It was the first time I’d ever been on a big travelling stint on my own and I found myself having to keep in touch with friends and family via email (the snailmail letters were just beginning to lose their luster).  Anyway on this trip, as the seasoned traveller will know the important things is ‘Best and Cheap’, so whenever I’d wind up in a town or city I’d search out the cheapest internet cafes and spend an hour or two every few days putting together my letters.

I recently returned to India this year,2011,and was given a taste of the modern traveller.The modern traveller doesn’t need Internet cafes.The modern traveller comes equipped with a personal laptop,a blog page and the latest long lensed digital camera.And most of all, the modern traveller seeks out hotels or cafes that can accommodate their need to be connected through free wifi. Although the wifi was pathetic it did work at 4:00 am in the morning, when I found myself up prepping for my sunrise trips here and there.

Smartphones are compact,not out of the average persons price range and if you can’t use them for their ‘real’ purpose at least you can connect them up to the net.Most of them have amazing applications,cameras and videos and they even enable the user to connect to blog posts as I’m doing now or to provide a hotspot when your’re stuck to your bulky laptop.  I currently have an iphone 4 which I can’t go anywhere without, my maid has some Chinese looking version of an iphone which enables her to facebook with her family and friends in her village for under Rp50,000 a month.  The reality is these smartphones are keeping us connected.  They are fast becoming a must have traveller item and just a must have item.

I have now completed a post on my smartphone and have added these lovely photos just to show how smart it really is.  These phones might just hold the answer to the the digital divide.


Back in 1999-Pushkar-With an Indian Family

New Delhi 2011-Nisha,Hanung,Amber and I- My Own Family

The best aunties EVA-Shruti and Briony-My friends



This world dictates to us much about the choices we make, about the news we read, even about the information presented to us by the internet search engines we use.  Being apart of the cogs in the world money machine is difficult to escape and their power over ownership of creativity have taken us further away from our creative souls our individuality.  They have put us into little cages like battery hens.

Creative Commons has given choice back to the people.  We can choose to copyright our work.  We can choose to allow other people to use it if they wish.  In fact, the biggest impact Creative Commons has had is on giving creative ownership and individual expression back to us.

Understanding copyright and plagiarism is something schools focus on all of the time, but what we don’t do enough of is teaching and using things in Creative Commons.  Students are constantly learning about what they can’t do, what they shouldn’t do, that copying something means they are stealing.  However, we don’t spend enough time teaching them what they can copy, how making mash ups of peoples work leads to a new contemporary form of creative expression and that copyrighting their work means they can share be apart of the owning their work.