Life moves in waves.  It really does.  Sometimes I feel the upcoming wave of joy and happiness and then it suddenly crashes or crashes gently onto the sandy beach.  Mostly, at the moment those waves are moving up and life is good.

Except for a weird stomach problem I encountered yesterday.  I’ve been on a herb juice detox for the past three weeks and ever since really cleaning by body it gets sick awfully quickly; if I eat the wrong thing. Incidentally I don’t think I really ate anything different from the usual stuff.  I had over night oats for breakfast and my usual lemon juice. At lunchtime I had lentils which my maid had made for me on Friday so they were three days old, then I ate a bowl of fruit and had a soy latte from Starbucks.  I got really sick after that. I had to leave early from school.  My juicing friend thinks that all of the fruit and lentils made a bad combination in my stomach and the lentils fermented causing undesired gas.  I really don’t know, but what I do know is that my stomach was filled with agonizing pain, gas and I went to the toilet non-stop.

Today I feel a lot better and I’m so excited that we are doing vegan pancakes in the Green Team after school.  The students asked for vegan cooking.  I’m so excited.  I think it was a continuation of all of the fun green things we did at school with the kids late last year on the Sustainable Development Day.  They are all fascinated by vegan food and making it.

So at the moment I feel this wave really reaching up towards the sky.  My children are beautiful precious little beings, not perfect, but they are behaving nicely towards each other.  I have yoga tonight with an incredibly compassionate lady who is doing a natural healing course as well and I’m working through a mindfulness class on my own after school.  Life is good.



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